Chosen By Love

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The Gift of Adoption!

Welcome to the site for Chosen By Love, my first book project.  CBL is the fruit of an adoption journey that my family and I embarked upon in 2004 with the adoption of our youngest daughter from China.  In 2010, we returned from China after adopting our oldest daughter.  Through this journey, our family has all come to a more vivid understanding of the blessing of spiritual adoption – the adoption that takes place when God brings people, beset by sin, into an intimate and personal relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ.  It is this adoption to which we believe all physical adoptions point.

If you’d like to know more about spiritual adoption – why it’s necessary, what’s involved, etc. – you can go to The Conversation.  This is the more detailed conversation that Chloe had with her mother that I didn’t include in CBL.

Also, if you’d like to order the book, just go to my order page.  Here you’ll find all the links I’m aware of where you can purchase CBL.  If you’re interested in ordering multiple copies for resale or distribution, just contact me to receive the best wholesale price.

It’s my desire that Chosen By Love will be a blessing to you.  I welcome any comments on the book or testimonies of how you’ve been blessed through adoption.